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Who called from 9096665130?

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9096665130 by Anonymous on Jul. 13, 2013 08:34 am
“Phone number: 9096665130 who is this?”
Re: 9096665130 by Govnt Staff on Jul. 16, 2014 04:56 pm
“THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY OR DO ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU! IT IS A NATION WIDE SCAM RING.... If this person calls you, texts, emails etc.. from this number DO NOT speak to him...he poses as an "officer Miller from the IRS" or other trying to collect moneys or scam you out of money--stay calm and take information and report it to the FBI or proper authority (not the Police they cant do anything)....THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT I repeat DO NOT listen to anyone calling your phone etc...posing as an IRS agent or otherwise from IRS or other agency...I have contacts in the IRS and they do NOT contact anyone by phone they do it by letter and always check with the IRS if the letter is from them! Over 50+ thousand people nation wide (not counting overseas) have been scammed by these people they have a computer system that they go in and change the phone numbers to seem they are calling from within the US ...actually they are calling from a foreign country....DO NOT listen or do anything they tell you...They are SCAMMERS and FRAUDULENT...I have spoken to the FBI, and Dept of Treasury, and the IRS...THESE callers are scammers! Hang up and report the number to the IRS in your area .....People have gotten scammed for thousands of dollars....PLEASE HANG UP and REPORT THE NUMBER...also post it on here for others to be aware... ALWAYS check and DO NOT give information, money these scammers it is happening at a high rate in the USA...and over seas...”
Re: 9096665130 by MichaelFef on May. 30, 2017 01:09 pm
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