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Who called from 9043002557?

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9043002557 by Anonymous on Dec. 12, 2013 04:23 am
“Phone number: 904-300-2557 who is this?”
Re: 9043002557 by FRAUD ALERT on May. 9, 2014 06:51 pm
“¡¡¡¡¡ FRAUD ALERT !!!!!! Company name: medical compensation / dept of medical compensation / medical compensation of Miami / health care medical compensation / medical health care / Jacksonville health care center / medical health care center / government health care center The list above are just a few names the representatives provided me as their company name after I had to pry it out of them, but then of course they would hang up on me. I requested for their address and was hung up on when I asked for that as well. Received a few calls from this company, with many names, the rep's neglected to tell me their name & proceed to tell me my own medical history. I requested for them to provide me their name & was hung up on. I have never written any release to have my medical information disclosed, especially to a third party that I have never heard of. When I inquired how they obtained my personal info the rep hung up on me. I called back a few times trying to speak with a supervisor and kept getting hung up on. One rep failed to actually hang up, did a three-way call not realizing I was still on the line & an individual such as myself answered, the rep didn't confirm who he was speaking with, didn't say who he was or the company he was calling from but instead rambled off her personal medical information. Then the rep gave the woman my cell phone number as their company's call back number. All the rep's I spoke with from this company were extremely rude, snide & vulgar. Telling me to go to hell, f* off, answering phone & putting me on mute then disconnecting, refusing to put me on the line with a supervisor, answering & immediately hanging up, refusing to provide their name when they did pick up, I did speak with a supervisor at one point who advised they can release any of my medical records they acquired & my personal information to anyone they see fit then hung up on me. I called back and got the same supervisor. I inquired what their web address is & was provided:, then he advised they work with the attorneys & work for I asked for those attorneys names & numbers & a phone number for was hung up on again. I informed them I'm on the do not call registry & I do not wish to receive any further calls. They called two more times saying they can & will keep calling, it's not harassment. According to the Telephone Consumer Act (TCPA); a company must honor any request to not call again. A person's name must be put on the do not call list indefinitely. I've received messages where I hear background noise and rep's talking and joking around yet none actually speak directly into the phone when leaving the message to advise why their even calling. According to 47 U.S. code § 227 (3)(A)(I) at the beginning of the message, state clearly the identity of the business (3)(A)(II) during message state clearly the telephone number or address of the business (B) it's unlawful for any person within US or any person outside US if the recipient is within the US to receive calls on a cellular telephone or any service for which the called party is charged for the call. (1) it is unlawful for any person in connection with telecommunications service to cause any caller identification service to knowingly transmit misleading or inaccurate caller identification information with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value. Florida Statutes 501.613 - provides that within the first 30 seconds of the telephone call, a commercial telephone seller must identify himself by stating her or his true name, the company name, and the goods or services being sold. And the customer can request for the companies address & telephone number & this must be provided. According to the FTC the kick in went into effect back in 2004 where telemarketing companies must display their company name & phone number instead of "out of area" on the caller ID. I have already spoken with the FTC in regards to this & they have opened up a case as the first rep I did speak with was trying to obtain: my age, DOB, address, email address, any & all phone numbers for me & my ssn. I spoke with a rep from & was advised the government is in no way affiliated with this company & opened up a case in regards to this as well. I was also informed that with HIPAA guidelines telemarketers cannot obtain or share information without written consent from the individual, the government doesn't create a database to send medical information to federal government for a government database or similar operation, authorization must be obtained from the individual in written form for any use or disclosure of protected health information. Even a company marketing a product must obtain authorization to use or disclose protected health information. I also opened a case with HIPAA as this company has obtained & is releasing my personal medical records without consent. I tried to obtain the company's address however they refused to provide it. I tried looking on the Internet & had no luck there either as the company name comes up as unknown & has an unknown address. If u got a call by this # it's not just some silly scam .. It's FRAUD !!!! Call the following & get ur case started ASAP FTC - (877) 438 - 4338 Transunion (800) 608 - 7289 [put out a fraud alert - transunion will notify the other credit bureaus for possible identity theft & have a 90 day fraud alert - request for a copy of your report to dispute any fraudulent activities] HIPAA (800) 368 - 1019 [its unlawful for this company to obtain, discuss or disclose any medical information without written consent from you] (800) 318-2596 [the real government website & phone number] -ALL of these companies are taking the complaints & serious action will be dealt with to this fraudulent company Additional actions that you can take: the company is allowed ONE call after you're put on their do not call list. However if they call you after that, you can sue them for $500. No need to hire a lawyer. Your phone bill is only proof you need which shows date, time & phone number of them calling you. This would be handled in civil court, so no jury either just a judge. Register yourself on the do not call registry. However not all companies check the list, so you still may get those pesky phone calls. If the phone number is displayed on your phone, go to your phone companies website & block the number. That number wont be able to call you again until you remove the block. ”

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